Corona virus in Estonia (March 2020)

About  corona virus in Estonia.

The spread of the corona virus in Europe and in Estonia is naturally in the focus at Estonian Fair Centre. The safety of our clients and that of our own personnel are important to us. Pursuant to the Health Board’s instructions, additional hand disinfectant dispensers were installed in the Fair Centre, in order to follow the Health Board’s first recommendation to prevent the spread of the virus. In Central Europe, which is certainly more internationally active geographical region than Estonia and the Nordic region, several fairs of the spring period have been postponed to the summer period; a few have been cancelled as well. We are also in constant contact with the fair centres of neighbouring countries, exchanging information. In Estonia, both the Health Board and the Government of the Republic have confirmed that there is currently no reason for panicking – there is no spread of the virus in our country, there are only cases brought in from abroad and kept under control. The situation in Estonia is stable and the reaction to the viral threat must be proportional, therefore there are no reasons today to change anything in the schedule of fairs. Naturally we monitor the situation and if necessary, we will collaborate with the Health Board if the situation in Estonia should change due to the spread of the corona virus.

Stay healthy and positive, keep from panicking, and follow the Health Board’s instructions!